Monday, November 10, 2014

Last Minute Scramble

I recently signed up to sell cards at a local boutique. At the time I agreed to do it I had a full stock of cards and plenty of time to continue making more. I was confident I would have plenty of fun stuff to sell. Then last week a lady at my church said she wanted to look at my cards. I knew that she used to make cards often and I honestly thought she just wanted to talk about it and perhaps critique my cards. To my surprise she ended up buying close to 30 cards!! It was a lovely surprise and I was thrilled for her business. The problem is that now I have a boutique this Friday and not nearly the amount of cards I was hoping to have! I have been trying hard to spend every waking moment in my craft room stamping, coloring, and stamping some more, but my health has also decided to turn against me and has been pretty rough the past two weeks. Making cards when I am sick and in pain is not the easiest thing in the world. I have been doing my best to push through it and get as many cards done as I can. I just worry that it is too much work in too little time with a body that doesn't want to cooperate. I have no idea how this boutique is going to go. Wish me luck!!

Here is a fun Christmas card I made today. I used a few stamp sets for Stampin' Up for this one. I love the Gorgeous Grunge stamp set. It adds a lot of personality to a card and is great for fast card making since the point is to look grungy and not perfected!

Alright, back to the craft room. My blogging break is over. If anyone needs me I'll be buried under a pile of ribbon cutting, coloring, stamping, gluing, embossing, and then doing it all over again! 

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